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United States Cupcake Cake

United States Cupcake Cake, originally uploaded by simplysweets.

This cake was created for a boy celebrating his 3rd birthday. The United States themed was selected because one of Andrew's favorite toys is his United States puzzle. The cupcake cake was made of 50 cupcakes - half were chocolate sour cream and half were white sour cream. Cupcake cakes are great because they can be made for any number of servings, can be made with several flavors and are easy to serve.

The party was held at a Rio Vista park in Peoria which has a great splash park and playground and lots of ducks that love to be fed. My family was invited to this party, and we had a great time especially my son who loves this park.

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A custom cake for quilters

Quilters birthday, originally uploaded by simplysweets.

I created this cake a few years ago for three sisters who were celebrating their birthdays together and all share the common hobby of quilting. This theme would also make a great Mother's Day cake.

The quilt, spools of thread, and needle are all made from fondant and gumpaste. The quilt also makes a great baby shower cake and can be done in any color scheme.

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Zebra print cake with pink roses

This is my new favorite - I love the pink and black and the zebra print is so sassy! I created this cake for a raffle prize for a boutique show I did this week.

Cake is iced in buttercream and decorated with fondant accents. White sourcream cake with strawberry mousse filling.

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a home boutique show

This week I participated in a home boutique show hosted by one of the owners of Two Sisters Jewelry Boutique - I was joined by other great businesses including My Strawberries and Camille Love Designs. I created these pink butterfly cupcakes for tastings and the chocolates for sale (which make great Mother's Day gifts)

butterfly cupcakes

butterfly cupcake display

pink chocolate dipped oreo flower pot more photos

mothers day chocolate boxes

chocolate hats, shoes and purses

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Glamour and Glazin Night wrap-up

Glazin and Glamour at Glazin in the Sun was a fun night! The professional photo option was post-poned but everyone had a great time getting a makeover by Mona, painting some pottery and eating some Simply Sweets cupcakes created especially for the theme of the evening. I used my brand new Martha Stewart cupcake stand, removing one layer so that it would hold 12 cupcakes instead of 18.

Glamour and Glazin cupcakes

Paint Palette cupcakes

Glamour and Glazin cupcake display

Glamour and Glazin night

If you haven't been to Glazin in the Sun yet, you should check it out - they have lots of great pieces of pottery ready to paint and you can also create your own glass fusion piece!

Glazininthesun pottery

Glazininthesun Glass Fusion

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Birthday cupcakes for my husband

Blue and green DAD cupcakes, originally uploaded by simplysweets.

My husband prefers cupcakes over cakes so for his birthday, I created these cupcakes. White sourcream, American buttercream icing, topped with a fondant disk.

Happy Birthday Rob

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Wednesday fun - How many states have you visited?

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.

Make one for yourself and post a link to your blog or website!

How many states have I traveled to for cake-related trips? 4 - California (San Diego, Riverside, Napa), Nevada, Kansas and Florida. And this summer, I'm off to Nevada again for cake camp!

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Martha Stewart Cutest Cupcake Contest Prize

It arrived this weekend! The prize for winning Martha Stewart's Cutest Cupcake Contest is a cupcake stand from the Martha Stewart line. It holds 18 cupcakes and is painted white. I will add this to the collection of cupcakes stands that are available for rent.

Don't forget to enter to win 1 dozen of the Simply Sweets winning design by April 30th!

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Pink Lingerie Chocolate Suckers

These were made for a "Slumber Party" but would also be great for a lingerie themed bridal shower. Made from white chocolate tinted pink

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2 tier pirate themed 8th birthday cake

2 tier priate themed 8th birthday cake, originally uploaded by simplysweets.

This 2 tiered pirate cake (6 inch and 9 inch) was created for a boy's 8th birthday celebration. Cake is double chocolate sourcream, cookies and cream filling, iced and decorated with fondant. William's mom went all out for this party with great decorations, pirate tatoos for the kids and even buried treasure hunt!

There are so many great cake options for a pirate themed party including a pirate ship cake, a 3D treasure cheast or a treasure map cake.

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Pink polka dot oreo daisy bouquet

This bouquet of 9 oreo daisies was created for the Sierra Verde Moms Club's silent auction. Along with the bouquet, we donated a gift certificate for 2 dozen cupcakes. The auction raised over $2000 for the West Valley Crisis Center.

This week we also donated a gift certifcate for 2 dozen cupcakes for a fundraising event in Sun City to raise money for Eve's Place. Eve's Place is a domestic violence safe house and the proceeds from the event are going towards playground equipement for the children to enjoy during their stay.

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bridal beach themed cake

bridal beach themed cake top view

bridal beach themed cake, originally uploaded by simplysweets.

This cake for created for a law firm's bridal shower for one of their coworkers. The couple will be honeymooning in a tropical location so the beach themed cake was perfect for the shower. The shells are white chocolate, flowers and pearls are fondant, and the sand is a mix of graham crackers and crystal sugar. This 10 inch cake is chocolate sourcream, chocolate mousse filling and iced with American buttercream.

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Winner of the Martha Stewart Cutest Cupcake Contest

I recently submitted one of my favorite cupcake designs to Martha Stewart's Cutest Cupcake Contest and last Thursday it was announced my design was a grand prize winner!!!

Click here to see the clip of Martha Stewart announcing the winners. The golf ball is white chocolate in a bed of buttercream grass. Its a prefect treat for a golf outing or as a gift for a golf fanatic. To celebrate this exciting news, we will be giving away 1 dozen cupcakes to 5 lucky winners. To enter, leave a comment on this blog post. Make sure to leave a way to contact you (email address or blog link). Also, we are looking for suggestions for a name for this cupcake design - if you have a creative idea, please leave your suggestion in your comment.

Final day to enter is April 30th, 2008 and winners will be randomly selected on May 1st. Prize includes 1 dozen cupcakes in the winning design with a choice of flavors (white sour cream, chocolate sour cream or double chocolate sour cream) and delivery up to $15. *we do not ship cupcakes. Delivery is only available to the Phoenix-metro area. Delivery charge above $15 is the responsibility of the winner.

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Pink and Brown 2 tier baby shower cake

Pink and Brown 2 tier baby shower cake, originally uploaded by simplysweets.

We created this pink and brown cake for a baby shower welcoming Baby Gabriele. This cake was delivered to the Silver Leaf Clubhouse in Scottsdale - the outdoor dining room had a gorgeous view and the weather was perfect. This 2 tier cake is a 6 inch and 10 inch round iced in buttercream and decorated with fondant accents. The baby booties are made from fondant and can be kept as a keepsake for the mom-to-be. Bottom tier is white sour cream with strawberry mousse filling and top tier is chocolate sour cream with raspberry mousse.

This cake was inspired by the Baby Rhoads pink and green baby shower cake. The color scheme was changed from pink and green to pink and brown and this cake was iced in buttercream instead of fondant.

Baby Rhoads

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Monday fun

How about some Monday fun? Dress-a-cupcake-game.

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Glazin' and Glamour Night

Please join us for Glazin' and Glamour Night at Glazin' In the Sun on Wednesday, April 23rd. Makeovers provided by Mona Colwell, photography by Artist Behind the Lens, and treats provided by Simply Sweets. This is a great opportunity for those of you in business who need a professional photo for your marketing materials.


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Amberle's 25 Birthday Cake

This cake was created for a 25th birthday celebration. The customer requested hearts and music notes, a girly skull and her favorites colors of red, black, and gold and we were able to incorporate all of her requests into this 2 tier cake (6 inch and 9 inch round). The cakes are iced in buttercream with fondant accents. Bottom tier was double chocolate sourcream with chocolate mousse filling and the top tier was white sourcream with strawberry mousse filling.

Girly skull 25th birthday cake

Everything we do is custom and its an exciting process to design a cake that fits our customers - either their interests or a cake that fits in perfectly with the party theme. You can take a design element from one cake and tweak it a little bit and it can completely change the cake. Amberle's cake has many similar elements and colors to the 16th birthday gothic cake (and cupcakes which had chocolate skulls on them) that we did last fall. The gothic cake then inspired a 13th birthday skateboard themed cake and a coworkers birthday celebration during a Harley themed banquet. Amberle's cake also shared design elements with a recent cake we did for a 5oth birthday rock themed cake.

gothic 16th birthday

13thbday skateboard

Harley themed birthday cakes

Rock themed 50th birthday cake

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Sassy Circles for a Baby Shower

Baby Evans blue and brown sassy circles baby shower cake

We created this cake and favors for a baby shower celebrating Baby Evans. The cake is a repeat design with a few changes - only one set of shoes since the original was for twins, a 12 inch instead of a 10 inch and we addded the rattle since this was such a large cake. I love the blue, brown and white color combination. The customer also orders 40 favors - half chocolate dipped fortune cookies and half chocolate dipped pretzels. The pretzels are covered in brown and blue teddy bear quinns.

Baby Evans chocolate dipped fortune cookie baby shower favors

Baby Evans chocolate dipped pretzel baby shower favors

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local Phoenix blogs

Now that I made some changes to the blog (so what do you think about our new look???), I have more room to add fun lists and other stuff to the side columns. My newest block is a list of local blogs, "Arizona Blogs" - check them out! My current favorite one on the list is Arizona Coffee.

Do you know of a great local blog that we should add to our list? Leave a comment or send us an email.

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30th birthday desert and ocean scene cake

This cake was made for a good friend's 30th birthday celebration that was held at the Arizona Science Center. The design was selected because she has a love for science and the environment. Besides the common interest of science, Lorraine and I also share the same birthday! This 2 tier cake had tons of detail. The ocean scene had dolphins, fish, sea turtles, sea horses and the beach had tiny little shells and a pair of pink flip flops. The top tier had mountains, saguaro cactus, snake, lizard and a butterfly. My son and I not only delivered the cake, but we got to enjoy the great party. My son's favorite part was eating the cake but he also enjoyed the dinosaur exhibit. He's my biggest fan and especially loves the fondant decorations - another friend mentioned that he's probably the only 2 year old that knows what fondant is. This cake is a 10 inch and 8 inch with chocolate cake, cookies and cream filling on the bottom tier and strawberry mousse on the top tier.

30th birthday desert and ocean scene cake

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