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Phoenix Magazine March 2010 Cover Simply Sweets featured in the March 2010 issue of Phoenix Magazine


1956 Chevy Pickup Birthday Cake

classic 56 chevy pickup birthday cake

We created this cake for a small birthday celebration - the truck was picked because he had recently purchased a 1956 Chevy pickup. This cake was a huge hit and our customer left the sweetest message on our voice mail - we love our customers!

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Pink Baby Shower Cake

pink baby shower cake 

We created this cake for a baby shower. Both tiers are iced light pink buttercream with fondant pink and white stripes on the bottom and polka dots on top. We added 3D fondant baby shoes to the top and pink ribbon roses.  Our customer also ordered sassy circle cupcakes - perfect for the kids that were attending the shower.

 Inspiration cake:
  pink baby shower cake with roses and baby shoes

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4th Birthday Rocket Ship Cupcake Cake

4th birthday rocket ship cupcake cake 

 The birthday boy requested a rocket ship so we created this cupcake cake for his birthday celebration. It was a small family celebration so a cupcake cake worked best for the design while serving a smaller number of guests.

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Blue and Yellow Nautical Themed Baby Shower Cupcakes

blue and yellow nautical themed baby shower cupcakes 

 We created these cupcakes for a nautical themed baby shower - the cupcakes are topped with sailboats, anchors and "its a boy" fondant toppers.

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Little Prince 1st Birthday Cupcake Tower

blue and green little prince 1st birthday cupcake tower 

 A cupcake tower for a Little Prince themed 1st birthday celebration. The 6 inch topper is topped with a fondant crown. The coordinating cupcakes were also topped with little crowns in green and blue to coordinate with the birthday boy's outfit. Out customer also rented our white cupcake tower stand for display.

  1st birthday little prince cupcake

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8th Birthday Girl Skull Cake - Pink, Black, Purple and Turquoise

8th birthday pink black purple and turquoise girly skull cake

A girly skull cake for an 8th birthday in pink and black with a little bit of purple and turquoise.

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Pink Cherry Blossom Baby Shower Cake

cherry blossom themed baby shower cake 

Our cherry blossom cakes are popular for baby showers, baptisms, birthdays and even anniversaries. We created this 1 tier version for a baby shower and topped the cake with a pair of fondant booties.

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Pink and Black Polka Dot Package Birthday Cake

Present cake with black and pink polka dots 

 One of our most popular designs for adults birthdays is our package cakes with the multiloop bow - this one was done in pink and black with a polka dot pattern.

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Pink Baptism Cake

pink and white baptism cake

 One of our popular christening cake designs. The child's name on the front with a cross and cornelli piped pattern on top.

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12-12-12 Wedding Cake - White with blue and silver accents

blue and silver wedding cake

This was a 12/12/2012 wedding cake that we created. We specialize in party cakes and while we don't do traditional wedding cakes we do wedding cakes for smaller celebrations or non traditional designs. We made two of these cakes - the first for their 12-12-12 wedding and the second for their small celebration on the weekend. 

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Princess 40th Birthday (or 20 v.2 as they called it)

40th birthday pink and black princess cake 

 Another Princess 40th Birthday Cake - This one instead they called 20 v.2. We created another 40th birthday recently where we wrote 39+1 on the cake. So how do you feel about turning 40? Would you want a large 40 on top?

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1st Birthday Winterland

1st birthday winter wonderland personalized jumbo smash cupcake 

 We're all thinking about summer so I wanted to get this one posted from December - a winter wonderland party for a 1st birthday. The party decorations were several shades of blue and white snowflakes. We created a personalized jumbo cupcake for the smash cake along with coordinating cupcakes for the guests. The party favors where chocolate dipped pretzels with snowflake sprinkles.

  1st birthday winter wonderland cupcakes

winter wonderland chocolate dipped pretzel party favors

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Birthday Cupcakes - New home and a love of pets

Birthday cupcakes paw prints and a house 

 Our customer ordered these cupcakes for his wife for her birthday. They had recently bought a new house so we topped the cupcakes with a house. She also loves pets so we also topped cupcakes with paw prints. And everything in pink for her favorite color.

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Pink and Green Sassy Circle Cupcakes

pink and green sassy circles cupcakes for a thank you business delivery 

 These were ordered as a business thank you - wouldn't you love to have these delivered to your workplace?

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Red, Blue and Yellow 1st Birthday

1st birthday cupcakes for a Mickey Mouse themed celebration 

 We created these sweets for a colorful red, blue and yellow themed 1st Birthday. The cupcakes were topped with stars with a 1. The cake was iced with yellow buttercream and decorated with blue and red stripes and topped with a 1 a shooting stars. We also made party favors - chocolate dipped (milk and dark) pretzels with red, blue and yellow sprinkles.

  yellow blue and red first birthday cake

chocolate dipped pretzel 1st birthday favors

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7th Birthday Cupcakes for a Future Geologist

7th birthday rock themed gold and silver cupcakes

My son loves rocks. He loves to look at his collection and loves to go on hikes to find more. He's 7 and wants to be a geologist when he grows up (or baseball player). I made these cupcakes for his 7th birthday family celebration (he also had a kids party which I'll post later). He loves rocks and his favorite colors are gold and silver so I incorporated both along with some 7s and Happy Birthday imprints. The rock cupcakes are topped with rock candy, chocolate candy rocks and candy rocks. This is what custom cakes and cupcakes are all about - you're not going to see this in a bakery where you select your design from their catalog. This is about creating a design for the birthday child - every person is different and its so great when we can really personalize the cake for the recipient.

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Cotton Candy Themed 3rd Birthday Cake

3rd birthday cotton candy themed cake

 We created this cake for a cotton candy themed celebration. The colors and patterns for this cake were designed to coordinate with the customer's decorations and we added a cotton candy fondant cutout to the front with a 3 for the birthday girl. Love the colors on this cake - bright blue, light pink, bright pink, white, yellow and light blue. All the colors are incorporated into the fondant bow on top.

 This cake was inspired by our iced cream themed cupcake tower 

1st birthday ice cream themed cupcake tower

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7th Birthday Carnival Cupcake Tower

7th birthday circus cupcake tower 

 We've been created cakes for this birthday girl since she was 2. This years birthday was a carnival theme. The topper cake is a 3D carnival tent and the cupcakes were topped with 7s, Ss, popcorn, tickets and magician hats.

  7th birthday circus themed cupcakes

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Aqua blue, purple and pink 12th birthday cupcake tower

12th birthday cupcake tower aqua purple and pink

We created this cupcake tower for a 12th birthday pool party. The cake with iced in aqua blue with purple, pink and white polka dots. We put the birthday girl's name on the front and topped the cake with a bow. The cupcakes were done in our popular sassy circle design and our customer rented our 4 tier cupcake tower for display.

  purple aque and pink sassy circle cupcakes

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Poker Themed Birthday Cake for a joint 53 and 78th celebration

Poker themed birthday cake 53rd and 78th 

 We created this cake for two family members celebration their birthdays together. The cake was done in a poker themed - the cake was decorated with card suits and we topped the cake for playing cards and casino chips. The chips were imprinted with 53s and 78s for the birthday year they were celebrating.

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Colorful 40th Birthday Cake

40th birthday pink orange and green cake

We created this colorful cake for a 40th birthday celebration held at the Mbar in the Montelcia resort in Scottsdale. The cake was done in pink, orange and green and topped with a bunch of daisies.

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Western Themed 1st Birthday

1st birthday western themed birthday cake topped with a cowboy hat

Here's a cake we did last year but never posted and with so many requests lately for western themed cakes I wanted to get this one posted to the blog. Bottom tier iced with white buttercream decorated with a fondant cow print pattern. Top tier iced with buttercream with a buttercream piped bandanna pattern. Both tiers are bordered with a chocolate fondant rope and topped with a 3D cowboy hat.

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Tiffany Blue and Zebra Print Bridal Shower Cake, Cupcakes and Banner

Zebra print and Tiffany blue bridal shower cake 

 We created this cake for a Tiffany blue and zebra print themed bridal shower cake. The cake is iced with white buttercream decorated on both tiers with black fondant zebra print. We bordered the cake in Tiffany blue and added a bow on top. We also made coordinating Tiffany themed cupcakes iced blue topped with a white bow.

  Tiffany themed bridal shower cupcakes 

 Our customer also ordered a custom party banner to read "She Said Yes" in zebra print and Tiffany blue.
  she said yes Black Tiffany Blue zebra print custom paper banner

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Surprise Sweet 16 Zebra Cake with a High Heel Shoe

pink and black sweet 16 zebra cake with high heel shoe 

 This cake was a surprise delivery to a girl from Colorado spending her birthday in Arizona at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa at Gainey Ranch. Pink and black zebra print cake topped with a 16, high heel shoe and a few fun flowers and we added a feather boa to the cake board.

customer feedback: Thank you so much for creating and delivering the cake yesterday. I'm told it was an overwhelming surprise...and extremely tasty too! I saw some pictures and it looked beautiful. Thanks again.

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1st Birthday Cow Themed Birthday Cake

1st birthday cow and western themed cake 

 We created this cake for a first birthday cow and western themed party. The cake was iced with white buttercream and decorated with black fondant cow print with pink accents. We topped the cake with a fondant cow and added a paper banner in a pink bandanna print.

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