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ice cream, ice cream, we all scream for ice cream

These are not actually icecream but cupcakes. I baked chocolate cupcakes in the cones, iced with vanilla and chocolate buttercream icing and topped them with sprinkles.

I made these for a recent MOMS club open house. I decided to test them out and they were a huge hit with the kids. No plate were needed and they were easy to hold on to so that the kids could eat and play at the same time.

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Cupcake Cake

What's a cupcake cake? Its a cake that is actually made up of individual cupcakes. The top can be iced and decorated like any cake. These are especially popular for kids parties because they're easy to serve and eat - just pull each cupcake apart, no need to slice or serve on a plate. And you don't need to miss out on the filling either - cupcakes can be individually filled. They can be any size and any shape, too!

This is a recent cupcake cake that I did for my husband. He doesn't like cake but does like cupcakes so he always gets a cupcake cake for his birthday. Its a small cake (10 cupcakes) iced with buttercream and chocolate letters to spell DAD.

Here's another one I did a few years ago for a coworkers birthday using an edible image

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Happy Easter

Hope the Easter Bunny was good to you. The Easter bunny stopped at our house and left baskets for all of us. My basket included some of my favorites - Peeps, Reeces peanut butter eggs, Cadbury Creme eggs, and dark chocolate Choxie truffles. The Easter Bunny filled Brendan's basket with toys and the plastic eggs with cereal and puffs - we don't want him to become a chocoholic yet (he's only 15 months old)! But I did give him a chocolate kiss to try - he took a bite and gave it back to me but then had a second thought and demanded it back so that he could eat the rest.

Here are some Simply Sweets Easter creations - chocolate covered grahams and chocolate covered Oreos:

"everything is better dipped in chocolate" continued:

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vote for your favorite!

What's your favorite type of chocolate? I've noticed that people are very strong feelings about the 3 different types. Lately it seems everyone is a fan of dark chocolate or white chocolate but its usually one or the other but not both. And most seem neutral on milk chocolate.

My favorite is dark chocolate. There has also been a lot written lately about the health benefits

what is your favorite type of chocolate
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pink and brown

Pink and brown is very trendy color combination and it works great on chocolate:

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