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Phoenix Magazine March 2010 Cover Simply Sweets featured in the March 2010 issue of Phoenix Magazine


Chocolate Dipped Pretzels for a Wedding Dessert Buffet

chocolate dipped pretzels for a white dessert buffet

Fall and winter is wedding season here in Arizona and we've been creating lots of desserts for wedding dessert buffets. These pretzels were dipped in white and done in a variety of white on white designs - drizzles and non perils. Our customer also purchased our white pearl gumballs for her buffet.

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Blackjack Themed 30th Birthday

30th birthday black jack themed birthday cake 

 We created this cake for a casino themed birthday celebration - the birthday girl's favorite game is blackjack so we added cards and lots of chips (each chip is stamp with a 30 fir the birthday girl's age). Buttercream iced with fondant playing card suits, chips and cards.

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Blue and Brown 'It's a Boy' Baby Shower

Its a boy custom baby shower banner 

 We've started to offer custom party banners and they've become very popular with our customers - give us a color scheme and a message and we'll create it! We created this Its a Boy blue and brown banner to coordinate with the blue and blue cupcake tower our customer ordered. The tower was topped with a 6 inch topper cake with a sassy circle design topped with baby shoes. Our customer also rented our 3 tier stand for display.

  brown and blue sassy circles baby shower cupcake tower topper cake

brown and blue sassy circles baby shower cupcake tower cupcakes

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4th Birthday Train Cake and Cupcakes for a Celebration at McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park

4th birthday train cake 

 Our train cakes continue to be one of our most popular designs. We created this one for James' 4th birthday along with coordinating cupcakes. Our customer added a toy train to the cake board - James from Thomas the Tank Engine, since the boy is named James.
  train themed cupcakes for a 4th birthday celebration 

This design was inspired by the first train cake I made for my son's second birthday:

Brendans train cake 2nd birthday

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Pink Baby Shower Cake Topped with Roses

pink baby shower cake with roses and baby shoes

A very sweet baby girl baby shower design - pink and white stripes with white fondant baby shoes on top. The baby girl's middle name will be Rose so we added lots of pink fondant ribbon roses.

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Pink and Purple Unicorn Princess Party

Pink and Purple Unicorn Princess Cupcakes 

 These cupcakes were designed for a unicorn princess party. Half the cupcakes were topped with princess crowns and half with unicorns. Everything was done in pink and purple and cupcakes were iced with our glitter icing technique. We also made a personalized jumbo cupcake for the birthday girls and a few dozen mini cupcakes for the adults attending the party. Our customers rented our 4 tier white cupcake tower for display.

  4th Birthday personalized jumbo cupcake unicorn princess party

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Green, Yellow and Purple Jungle Animal Baby Shower Shower Cupcakes

purple yellow and green jungle animal baby shower cupcakes 

 These baby shower cupcakes were designed to coordinated with the nursery bedding in pastel purple, green and yellow. The cupcakes were topped with elephants, giraffes and monkeys. Because the sex of the baby is being a kept a surprise some of the cupcakes were topped with BABY and we iced a few with a simple star swirl.

  pastel purple yellow and green baby shower cupcakes

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African Safari Themed 65th Birthday Cupcake Tower for Twin Sisters

African Safari 65th Brithday Cupcake Tower Topper Cake Giraffe Rhino Elephant 

 We created this cupcake tower for a 65th birthday celebration for twin sisters. The sisters had recently traveled to South Africa so the tower was designed with a safari theme. The cake was iced with yellow buttercream and airbrushed with a little bit of orange and we added a giraffe, rhino and elephant silhouette. The cupcakes were topped with zebra print and giraffe print fondant toppers. Our customer rented the 4 tier cupcake tower for display.

  zebra and giraffe print cupcakes for african safari cupcake tower

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Ninjas and Legos for a Lego Ninjago 8th Birthday Party

lego ninjao cupcakes 

 The cupcakes were topped with legos, ninjas, and ninja swords for a Lego Ninjago themed 8th birthday celebration. We also did Dylan's 7th birthday celebration - race car cupcakes for a Ridemakerz party:

  racecar themed cupcakes for a 7th birthday celebration

customer feedback:
Excellent job!  As always they were admired and loved by all!

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Ninja Birthday Cake for a 6th Birthday Halloween Costume Party

Ninja 6th Birthday Cake for a Halloween Costume Party

We created this cake for a Halloween costume birthday party where the birthday boy was dressing as a ninja. The bottom tier was iced gray buttercream and then airbrushed black and top tier iced in red buttercream with a ninja, ninja stars, sword and nunchucks all made from fondant.

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Monster Cupcakes for a 3rd Birthday

orange red and aqua blue 3rd birthday monster cupcakes 

 These fun cupcakes were created for a monster themed 3rd birthday celebration. The monsters were based on the invitation and everything was done in aqua blue, orange and red.

 customer feedback 
Dana, Those cupcakes were absolutely perfect. The fondant tops were precious and the cupcakes were delicious. Thank you so much for your hard work on those. M.W.

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Orange and Black Halloween Themed Baby Shower Cake

Halloween themed baby shower 

 Loved this one! A Halloween twist on our very popular baby shower cakes topped with booties. Orange and black diamond print, skull on the front and the cake is topped with baby shoes and bats.

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3rd Birthday Yellow and Blue Airplane Themed Cupcakes

orange and blue 3rd birthday birthday cupcakes 

 These cupcakes were design to coordinate with the blue and orange/yellow party printables that our customer was using for party decorations. Half the cupcakes were iced blue topped with a piped cloud and a fondant airplane and half were topped with stars with a number 3.We also created a personalized jumbo cupcake for the birthday day.

  3rd birthday personalized jumbo cupcake

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Chocolate Brown and Purple Present Cake

purple and chocolate brown present cake 

 Our customer ordered this cake for her mom's birthday celebration. Her mom loves chocolate so they went with chocolate buttercream and it was topped with a purple bow. We did a similar cake for their parents' anniversary and it was such a hit that they wanted a repeat.

  Christmas themed 30th anniversary package cake

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1st Birthday Jungle Themed Cupcake Tower

1st Birthdya Jungle Cupcake Tower Giraffe print with a monkey 

 Jungle themed cupcakes tower for a boy turning 1. The topper cake was done in a giraffe print with a fondant monkey on top. The cupcakes were done in a mixture of animal prints including zebra, tiger, giraffe and cheetah. And a few cupcakes were topped with circles with a 1. Our customer rented our 3 tier cupcake tower for display.
  Animal print cupcakes - zebra, tiger, giraffe and cheetah 

 And we made a personalized jumbo for the birthday boy:
  1st Birthday Personalized jumbo for jungle cupcake tower

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2nd Birthday Pink and Green Horse Themed Celebration

2nd Birthday Pink and Green Pony Themed Cake, Cupcakes and Chocolate Dipped Oreos

We designed this 2 tier cake to coordinate with the partyware and decorations for a pony themed 2nd birthday. Bottom tier is down in brown and cream pony print and the top tier has the pony with the flower at its ear. We added lots of flowers, stars, confetti spirals, horse shoes, boots and a hat. Our customer also added coordinating cupcakes with flowers and a girly 2 - the cupcake liners were a pink gingham which coordinated with the party decorations. We made pink and green chocolate dipped oreos for the dessert buffet. We also made a custom banner with the birthday girl's name for the dessert table (I forgot to take a photo of this).

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Pink and Black Zebra and Cheetah Print 16th Birthday Cake

pink and black zebra and cheetah print sweet 16 birthday cake

This cake was designed to coordinate with the party decorations - everything was done in pink and black zebra and cheetah print. Cake is iced in buttercream with fondant accents, topped with a 16 and bordered with a fondant bead border. Our custom also order our black and white zebra print and bright pink balloons.

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12th Birthday Music Themed Birthday Cake

rock themed 12th birthday cke with headphones 

 We designed this music themed cake in red, black, silver and white topped with headphones with the cord spelling out the birthday boy's name. They also ordered candy kabobs for the guests with the message "thanks for rockin my party" 

  red black and silver candy kabobs

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4th Birthday Gymnastics Themed Cake

4th birthday gymnastics themed birthday cake 

This cake was inspired by the invitation where the gymnast was balancing on the number 4. We decorated the cake with colorful stars and the largest one is imprinted with Happy Birthday. This half sheet cake is bordered by a fun ruffled buttercream two tone border.

 We've been doing lots of cakes for parties held at local gymnastic facilities especially Scottsdale Gymnastics (just down the road from us) or North Valley Gymnastics. Some kids want a gymnastics theme while others pick a theme unrelated to the party activity (like the really cool bug themed cake I will be posting soon)or very often our customers selected our popular sassy circles cupcake design in bright colors (because cupcakes are so easy to serve). This cake was for a party at Scottsdale Gymnastics.

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1st Birthday Pink and Black Zebra Print Cake

1st birthday zebra birthday cake 

 Our popular zebra and polka dot 2 tier cake done in pink and black for a 1st birthday. We added fondant ribbon roses to the cake because the birthday girl's middle name is Rose. We delivered this cake to Sun City.
  pink 1 shaped smash cake

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1st Pink and Purple Panda Cupcake Cake

pink and purple 1st birthday panda cupcake cake

We created this large cupcake cake (40 cupcakes) for a Panda Bear themed 1st birthday celebration. We designed the cake to coordinate with  the birthday girl's panda tutu outfit. We also made a coordinating small smash cake for the birthday girl.

pink and purple smash cake

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Join us for our Halloween Cupcake Class

Simply Sweets Hallloween Cupcakes Class- Wednesday 17th

Our next cupcake class is Wednesday October 17th - Halloween Cupcakes! We will be decorating 12 cupcakes using buttercream, chocolate and fondant. All supplies are included and no experience required. Please call the studio to reserve your seat - seats are limited.

Please visit our class schedule page on our blog to see all of our remaining 2012 classes. We may also be adding a teen holiday class if there is interest.

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Lots of Pirate Birthday Cakes

2 tier 1st birthday pirate themed cake 

 In September we created a lot of pirate cakes. This first cake is a 2 tier cake decorated to coordinate with the pirate partyware our customer picked out.

  6th birthday pirate skull cake6th birthday pirate themed cupcakes 

 Then for a 6th birthday pool party we create a 6 inch cake topped with a pirate skull and coordinating cupcakes topped with pirate faces, skulls and 6's.

  pirate skull cupcake cake for 4th birthday celebration 

 And finally this huge cupcake cake for a 5th birthday. Our customer wanted something easy to serve since the party was being held at a park so a cupcake cake is perfect for this. Also she wanted to really light up the cake with lots of candles so we left plenty of room for that around the pirate skull. They also hired Memories Through Time to photograph the party - you can see the photos on their blog

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Blue and Yellow Monkey Themed 1st Birthday

Yellow and Blue 1st Birthday Smash Cake 

 Our very popular monkey themed cupcakes along with monogram and a 1 for the birthday boy done in blue and yellow. We also made a jumbo cupcake for the smash cake which also served as the topper for the cupcake tower. Our customer rented one of our 3 tier white cupcake towers to display everything.

  yellow and blue monkey 1st birthday cupcakes

customer feedback:

Hi Dana: The cupcakes were incredible and a big hit!  Thanks so much for making my son’s party so special.  I also gave your info to a few friends who are in the process of planning their babies’ first birthdays!...Thanks again, J

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Cupcakes for a Goodnight Moon themed Baby Shower

Baby Shower Cupcakes for a Goodnight Moon themed shower 

 These cupcakes were ordered for a Goodnight Moon themed baby shower. Cupcakes were topped with a moon, stars, cow print, yarn and balloons. I love the theme of classic children's books for baby showers and first birthdays - so sweet.

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Rubber Ducky Themed 3rd Birthday Treats and Cake

ruber duck chocolate dipped oreo birthday party favors 

We made these rubber ducky themed chocolate dipped oreos for the birthday girl's preschool celebration. Milk chocolate dipped oreo topped with a yellow tinted white chocolate duck.

  rubber duck chocolate dipped oreos for school birthday celebration 

 And we made this pink and yellow cake for the birthday party. This 8 inch cake is iced with bright pink buttercream icing, covered in polka dots and topped with 3 fondant modeled rubber ducks.

  3rd birthday yellow and pink rubber ducky cake 

 We also made Lilianna's sister's 5th birthday cake last fall - the very girl pink and purple 2 tier cake:

  pink and purple very girly 5th birthday cake 

 and candy kabobs (which have become so popular on pinterest!)

  pink and purple birthday party favor candy kabobs

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Candy Themed 10th Birthday Cake for a Katy Perry California Gurls Themed Party

10th birthday for a 10th Brithday cake Katy Perry California Gurls themed party 

 This was a fun cake with lots of bright sixlet candies, peppermint starlights, and gummy bears. We topped with cake with fondant carnival suckers, purple heart, jumbo cupcake and a mini cupcakes. And we added ice cream cones and popsicles to the sides of the cake.

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