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Sweet Stuff - Christmas edition

Happy Holidays!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderfully sweet holiday! My son is almost 3 so there was a lot of excitement this morning after seeing everything that Santa left at our house. Santa even shopped at Simply Sweets and left some treats in everyone's stockings.

I love Christmas and I love cake plates and plateaus so I have a collection of several plates that I'd like to share in this Christmas edition of Sweet Stuff. The first is a Burton and Burton plate that I received as a gift last Christmas - you may have noticed it in the picture from our cookie decorating party topped with chocolate marshmallow pops. I love the peppermint design!

peppermint plateau

peppermint cake plateau with marshmallow pops

The next plate is one that I received as a gift the year before. The stand is decorated with a holly leaf design and the top is a snowman.

Christmas cake plateau

The last plate was a gift from a boss from my previous job. My favorite type of cake plates are those where are character (a snowman for this plate) is part of the stand holding up the plate.

snowman cake plataeu

Cake plates don't need to be used just for cakes! this year we used on for marshmallow pops and to serve breakfast breads.

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