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10 Cake and Cupcake Trends for 2011: Part 5 - Say It With Cupcakes

2011 Trends - Say It With Cupcakes

One of our popular designs for cupcakes is where one letter is placed on each cupcake and used to spell a message. These are either ordered for a party where they will be arranged on the table so the message can be easily read or in a gift box as a surprise gift delivery (very popular for birthdays and anniversaries especially for men or as a gift from out of town family members). The remaining cupcakes are often decorated to match the party theme (such as the 80's themed party with rubix cube, boom box and pac man) or something related to the person (the anniversary cupcakes with the cactus and lobsters where to done to represent where the couple lives as they split time between Phoenix and Maine).

1. Zebra Print
2. Purple
3. Cupcake Towers
4. Aqua, Turquoise and Tiffany Blue

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