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A Cupcake Cake for a Star Wars Themed Birthday Celebration

5th Birthday Cupcake Cake for a Star Wars celebration

We created this huge cupcake cake for a Star Wars themed celebration. We airbrushed the icing black instead of coloring the icing black so that only the very top layer of icing was black and it helped to prevent everyone's mouth from getting stained black. The cake was dotted with silver stars and two light sabers. This party was held at the YMCA XRKade and my son attended this party and had a blast!

Cupcake cakes are popular because they can easily be made to any size, can be a mix of flavors and easy to portion out when servings.

We also created a small family cake for the same birthday boy - this is a 7 inch round cake and perfect for a small family celebration.

5th Birthday cake for a family Star Wars celebration

We've been creating Hayden's birthday cupcake cakes since his 3rd birthday - 3rd birthday firetruck, 4th birthday race car and now a 5th birthday Star Wars themed celebration.

Hayden's Cupcake Cake Collage

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