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Phoenix Magazine March 2010 Cover Simply Sweets featured in the March 2010 issue of Phoenix Magazine


Our 'off-set circles' cupcake design has become a hit!

We've had our 'off-set circles' cupcake design on special for the past few months ($25 for 1 dozen) and its become quite popular for parties and for delivered gifts. We've done it in many different color combinations - so far my favorite is the pink and green. 2 dozen were ordered for a Rosh HaShanah celebration. This customer also ordered to of our popular oreo bouquets for teacher gifts.

pink and purple dots cupcakes

pink and green dots cupcakes

Fall themed daisy oreo bouquet copy

I've been referring to these cupcakes as "off-set circles" but I'd love to come up with a better name for the design? Any ideas? I already use "Sassy Circles" for a very popular Simply Sweets cake design.

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